This drug belongs to the classic anabolic steroids

This drug belongs to the classic anabolic steroids. This drug is based on improved testosterone, developed synthetically. Due to this, the drug has a reduced androgenic and enhanced anabolic effect. 

   By itself, Decabol improves protein synthesis due to the fact that there is an activation of the reparative processes of muscle tissues and bones of the body in a training athlete.


   It also improves nitrogen balance in the small intestine, stimulates the production of erythropoietin and induces very strong muscle growth. Sometimes it is true that some athletes may have an accumulation of excess fluid in the body, but this is most likely due to the individual characteristics of the body. This drug has no toxic effect on the liver and does not interfere with its normal functioning.

   The side effects of the drug are rather weak, especially since if the drug is used according to the instructions, then they will not be observed at all. If the intake schedule is violated, then, of course, some negative side effects may occur, for example: various acne rashes on the skin, high blood pressure, oily skin. To avoid such negative effects, the athlete should use additional drugs: Nolvadex, Proviron. 

   This drug has certain contraindications. These include hypersensitivity to the drug, abnormal liver function or liver failure. It also cannot be used for epilepsy, high blood pressure, migraines, heart malfunctions, general diseases of the cardiovascular system and diabetes mellitus. Full details on the link:


   Acceptance requires strict control and adherence to the schedule. You should also adhere to a balanced, correct diet with a combination of essential nutrients, proteins and carbohydrates. If negative effects appear and they are not stopped, then more severe consequences may appear with complications in the form of disorders of the heart and metabolism.

   Since the drug is completely excreted from the human body at least 4-6 months after the intake is over, you should be careful after the end of the course and take it only when it is completely eliminated from the body. Only then will it be possible to take the drug again without risking harm to your health. Therefore, if the athlete has the above contraindications, then in no case should this steroid be taken. 

   To stop various negative effects, athletes should use Proviron or Clomid in combination with the drug . They help eliminate various negative effects and normalize the activity of the athlete’s body. 

   The most important rule is to take it in combination with testosterone, and the dose of testosterone should be twice the dose of decabol itself. That is, when taking 200 mg, you need 400 mg of testosterone. Source:

   You also need to strictly control the prolactin hormone in the blood of the athlete involved. This is due to the fact that the drug can increase the level, and therefore, if it is to rise, then immediately should take medicines bergolak or dostineks. Professional athletes note that with the correct intake of the drug, the muscle mass becomes dense, embossed, muscle strength increases and endurance increases. 

   Since the drug is very powerful in terms of gaining muscle mass, its use will lead to an increase in strength characteristics and a qualitative improvement in sports training. And if all instructions are followed according to the instructions, the results will be impressive. The main thing is to do everything right and observe the dosage.