The benefits of marathons on Instagram

Marathons can be of two types: closed and open, and can be run for free as well as for economic gain. You can run a personal marathon on your page, or you can team up with sponsors who catalyze the whole action. One thing always remains unchanged: a marathon is a two-way interaction, which is beneficial not only for the organizer directly, but also for the competitors themselves. If you hold a marathon for the first time, it makes sense to buy instagram followers and increase the authority of your account. Here are the main benefits of a marathon for the organizer.

  • Increase the number of followers. Online marathons are a simple, low-budget way to promote in social networks, which works quite well if you consider some factors. So, you should already have a community of interest, only then this idea will be doomed to success. In addition, after marathons, there are no mass unsubscribes, as happens after large-scale raffles. People will appreciate you for your usefulness and information content, not just for prizes.
  • Feedback. Feedback is the most valuable resource for improvement. Positive feedback will motivate, energize and cheer you up. Negative constructive criticism will allow you to do much better next time. Read the direct and be sure to make conclusions.
  • Increase profile activity. Conducting an embroidery marathon, you will give participants certain tasks every day, and then monitor their performance. Consequently, every hour your profile will have targeted actions: likes, reposts, subscriptions and unsubscribes, saves and comments. There is a chance to beat Instagram’s ranking system and appear in your fans’ feed more often.
  • Advertising. A marathon is a good chance to make yourself known loudly as an expert or a commercial organization. Telling your secrets of looking good and teaching you how to understand cosmetic formulas? Your level of expertise is increasing. Ready to teach others how to mix and match mismatched closet elements? A great clothing store presentation!
  • Increase the loyalty of your target audience. Giving something away is sure to get more in return. By giving gratuitously about social media promotion, you’re not nurturing your competitors, but you’re improving the relationship with your followers. That’s important, and it’s a major aspect of blogger credibility.

The negative consequences of running a marathon are:

  • Decline in activity. Some time after a marathon, profile activity naturally decreases and bloggers can use additional tools to restore it.
  • Depreciation. Unfortunately, free knowledge is devalued and subscribers are just too lazy to do anything, only criticizing the careless creators. Perhaps this fact will motivate you to introduce a certain control system: paid participation, rewards, or on the contrary, removal of participants who do not do their homework.
  • Unsubscribes after the marathon. If you are a sponsor or a co-organizer of a marathon, there is a high probability that surfers on the web will unsubscribe from you immediately after the end of the marathon.

Still, there are many more advantages of a marathon than minor flaws. Analyze and draw conclusions. If you have decided to run a marathon, you should first buy instagram followers without paypal or in another way. The more followers you have before the marathon, the more reputable your account will seem to new followers. This is a normal practice, but you should first find a reliable resource where you can purchase followers. This will help you form your own strategy and make sure it will work well.