Photos and videos – why do you need a corporate identity in Instagram?

Brand identification and recognition are not watermark photos. It is not visible in Instagram and it prevents you from seeing the product. Sell not just products and services, sell style. Here you can find more useful information What to remember about the visual concept of your Instagram account:

  1. The goal of creating a corporate identity: to help you build a client’s image of yourself after purchasing your products and services. We see chic actresses advertising perfume, brutal men dressed in stylish clothes, happy kids with fun toys in their hands – advertising plays with images.
  2. Rely on the feeling of the end user. “Be like them. Be happy, satisfied and successful” – we do not sell products, but values. We offer the user to be better, more impressive and loved in his eyes (with your products).
  3. Be sure to develop a brand identity for Instagram: corporate colors, fonts, patterns, graphics elements, filters for photo and video. In order not to redesign and spend extra money on it in the future, make a single style of all important elements at one artist.
  4. Don’t change your visual. Do not confuse users. Redesign – for you, if only your company is already 100 years on the market.
  5. Do not forget about both fashionable visual trends and classic techniques.

Give preference to pastel tones or minimalism, choose acid avant-garde or colored blocks, bright saturated tones or black and white classics – it all depends on the identity of your brand and target audience.

Let’s move on to the video

Previously Instagram videos were limited to 15-second intervals, today the maximum time for video posting is 1 minute. Now we can confidently say that video posts gain much more reactions than photos. And at the end of 2016 Instagram launched a new feature – live video broadcasts. Live broadcasts can now be saved and shared with other users. Make sure you try to work with live broadcasts. But YouTube’s laurels surely did not disturb the social network developers, so in 2018 Instagram launched a new video platform IGTV which is designed for long vertical videos.

Remember that the use of video must be justified by the digital strategy of your brand and have certain goals. Development, shooting and editing of video is not the cheapest cost item, so decide in advance what tasks you want to solve with its help. Competent video marketing allows you to stand out from the competition and make your content diverse and attractive. This way you will gain more Instagram views on your video clips.

If you don’t know where to start, we have collected the best brand ideas for you to be inspired by:

  1. Make a social video. Social advertising is the best thing you can do to draw attention to environmental issues. 
  2. Try to get out on the street, choose an interesting view and shoot something atmospheric. Consider shooting in the wild or at high altitude.
  3. Not everyone has the opportunity to go out and conquer the scenery, so show your product from unusual angles. Or maybe you should come up with a way to show his work from the inside. General Electric has shown its new secret “weapon” to the science lab. In the video, a pipe made of almost pure quartz reaches caramel viscosity when heated.
  4. But not everyone works with high technology. Then try to include some humor to show the usual things. 
  5. You can congratulate everyone on the latest events/festivals with a simple animation. And of course, it is useful to mention the image of your brand in this video.