Sawing veneered MDF

For production cutting of veneered MDF, saw blades with alternate 5° face bevel and alternate 15° top bevel are recommended. In addition, a scoring saw should be used on the underside to prevent breakout.


All original angles should be maintained when the saw is serviced. Reduced angles will increase the amount of resin build up whilst increased angles will reduce the saw life between sharpenings. The gullet should be reground periodically to maintain dust elimination efficiency. Chip clearance and resistance to resin build up can be improved by finally polishing the teeth with a 600 grit diamond wheel as part of the sharpening process and periodic treatment with a PTFE spray during saw operation .

Saw geometry is important. Small increases in the clearance angles used on general purpose saws are recommended to ensure effective disposal of the fine dust produced when machining MDF and to prevent resin build up.