Sawing MDF

MDF can be cut successfully with hand saws without splintering or breakout of the core fibres. Most companies will, however, use powered machines, ranging from small portable types to fully programmed panel cutting machines.

As the wood raw materials for MDF are relatively free from grit or other abrasive materials, cutter wear is not likely to be a problem when sawing MDF. Nevertheless, the relatively high density of MDF combined with the resin binder does make MDF slightly more abrasive than commonly used hardwoods. Carbide tipped saws are therefore recommended for most production work.

When large volumes are to be cut the use of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tipped saws should be considered to take advantage of their substantially longer cutting life. For highly intricate pattern work, high energy laser beams can be used to cut MDF providing charring is acceptable or can be removed by sanding.